About this site


We feel it's important that as many as possible should be able to visit this site and have with that in mind developed it with accessibility and usability features in mind.


Accesskeys provides shortcuts to certain parts/links in a website. This is something that is available in most (if not all) programs. This could of course lead to conflicts with other programs' shortcuts without proper standards and since such standards don't exist today we haven't implemented any accesskeys. We have, however, made skiplinks available to allow you to quickly jump to the main content or the navigation. These are invisible by default but appear when you use the tab-key on your keyboard.

Size of text

You don't have to have bad eye-sight to appreciate this function. On a well made website you'll be able to easily change the text size by either choosing view in the menu then text size (Internet Explorer) or ctrl + + (increase size) and ctrl + - (reduce size)(Firefox)


All images that are not part of the general page design have both alt and title texts.


Links have, where we feel it's appropriate, a descriptive text if you let the mouse hover over it for a second or two.

Technical aspects

This website has been built with a focus on webstandrads: thus it validates to XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS. The advantage of this approach is that you seperate structure and content which leaves you with a more accessible website.

Use of cookies

According to the swedish law of electronic communication, effective as of july 25th 2003, everybody visiting a website that uses cookies shall be provided with information that cookies are used, what these cookies are used for and how cookies can be avoided.

On stiglundstrom.se there are currently no cookies in use. If this should change in the future the information on this page will be updated and an explanation of the information collected will be given.

About cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the visitors computer and is most commonly used to improve the website for the visitors. There are two kinds of cookies:

  • A permanent cookie saves a file on the the users computer for a pre-defined period. It is used to be able to customize the website according to the visitors wishes, choice and intrest.
  • Session cookies are stored temporarily in the computer memory while the user is visiting the website. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser. No personal information like e-mail address, name or gender is collected about the visitor.

If you don't want to accept cookies your browser can be configured to automatically refuse their storage or you could be asked each and every time a website wants to store a cookie and then either accept or deny. Through the webbrowser it is also possible to easily remove cookies that are already stored on your computer. Refer to your browser for more help on the subject.


March 2-16th, 2019
Galleri Sjöhästen in Nyköping, Sweden

Painting courses

March, 2019
Galleri Sjöhästen in Nyköping, Sweden
Galleri Sjöhästen (for more info later)

July, 2019
Galleri HavsLust in Yngsjö, Sweden
Galleri HavsLust (for more info later)

July, 2019
Sahlströmsgården in Torsby, Sweden
Sahlströmsgården (for more info later)

Allan Madsen book

You can have a look in Allan's book here.